We spent a lot of time thinking
about turkeys this year

This year we’re excited to announce that our turkeys are from Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch in Kansas, raised by Frank Reese. This year we went straight to the source; these heritage breed birds are the original stock for the turkeys that we’ve carried for the last 4 years. They’re pasture-raised, antibiotic, hormone and GMO free and will be coming straight to us fresh. We can’t wait to share a bit about these birds and encourage you to read the FAQ below. This year, all our turkeys are available exclusively for online ordering and in-store pick up only. We’re looking forward to sharing this incredible product with you and your family this holiday.

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Where are the turkeys coming from this year?

Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch in Tampa, KS. They’re raised by a pretty cool dude named Frank Reece. Frank is an incredible farmer and his passion for turkeys is contagious. Frank started raising turkeys when he was a boy and his infatuation with their kindness, lives, and eccentricities led him into full time turkey farming.

Is that different from where the birds have come from in previous years?

At Western Daughters we pride ourselves on caring for land, animal, farmer, and our customers. We think we have found a turkey that exemplifies those standards and it just happens to be the same turkey we’ve been carrying for the last 4 Thanksgivings, just directly from the farmer, and not through BN Ranch, who was raising turkeys from Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch stock

What breed are the birds?

They’re a mix of heritage breeds. Frank wants to save heritage breeds and has worked hard to cultivate a mix of Standard Bronze, White Holland, Black Turkey, Narrangansett, and Bourbon Red breeds. He is dedicated to preserving these heritage breeds through cultivation - which means that by eating and buying this bird, you are a part of a bigger conversation for preserving biodiversity.

How are they raised?

Frank knows that good animal husbandry means high welfare standards and environmental stewardship. The birds spend their time outdoors foraging and living life with access to dirt and sunshine while Frank pays attention to make sure that they are positively impacting the land they roam. And, of course, they are antibiotic, hormone, and GMO free.

How do they taste?

Well, if you’ve bought a turkey from us before, they’re going to have the same deep, rich, and truly outstanding taste. It’ll change the way you feel about turkey - because this doesn’t taste anything like a Butterball. We’ve had people come back year after year and tell us that they didn’t even like turkey until they had ours. We are guaranteeing that these Heritage birds are chock full of flavor, a decent amount of fat, and cook up into the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece. We’ve smoked them, confit’d them, fried them, roasted them, and pan seared them and they amaze us every way.

How do I order?

This year, our birds are only available for pre-order online. They are $13/lb. We know this may feel like a big price tag, but we promise you won’t regret it. You’ll find all the size options online as well as options for brining, smoking, and custom cutting. When you pick up your bird at the shop, we’ll have instructions for cooking.

How can I learn more about the farm?

If you’re interested in learning more about Frank and Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch, we recommend reading Eating Animals or checking out the film by the same name. Frank is featured in both of these and it will give you a great connection point.