We packed
flavor, convenience, and

all in one box.

Fresh, Local, Grass-Fed, and Pasture-Raised Meats custom cut just for you by our trained butchers.

It’s easy. Each box is $105-$240 dollars and has 12-20 pounds of meat, an average of $10.75 per pound. It comes fresh, never frozen, and you pick up at the shop at a regular interval that you choose. That means that you can mix up which boxes you get and how often. If you subscribe to 4 or more installments, we give you a 5% discount.

Each box comes loaded with fresh and seasonal cuts straight from your butcher. Each cut is vacuum-sealed to ensure maximum freshness and makes freezing a cinch. Now all you have to do is get cooking. Worried about whether or not it fits with your diet? Don’t. All of our meat is gluten-free, dairy-free, and perfect for everything from elimination diets, to Whole30, and Paleo.