Box Orders Are Now Available

We live in wild times. In light of COVID-19 Western Daughters is devoted to moving as much meat as possible for farmers and ranchers whose sales have been impacted by the closure of restaurants. At the same time, we are more devoted than ever to getting you local grass-fed and pasture-raised meats. We conceived as the boxes as a way to do delivery that worked for everyone. It allows us to get you amazing cuts of meat in bigger packages delivered to your doorstep while moving what we need to move for farmers and ranchers. There are no adjustments or substitutions, just support and trust. In return, we guarantee you’re getting more than your money’s worth of meat.

The important information: DELIVERY IS NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.

Online orders can be made for same day pickup if placed before noon. Orders placed after noon will be available for pickup/delivery the next day. We will be adding things to the online system as they become available.

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