We ask that all subscribers read the following document carefully and click “I agree” when finished. Clicking “I agree” means that you have read and accept all of the terms and conditions set forth in this document.

The idea behind our Meat Club is simple: you want local grass-fed and pasture-raised meats at a lower price from a butcher that you trust but you also want convenience, ease, and consistency. We want to provide that. Our boxes are 12-16# of grass-fed and pasture-raised meat. That’s on average 28 meals at 8oz each; for you that could mean 14 meals for you and your partner, or 7-10 meals for a family of four but no matter what the meat is on average $11/lb. We’ve made a variety of different boxes tailored to different cooking styles so that you can find your perfect fit. What we want to do is to ask you to commit to ordering on a consistent basis so we can give our farmers the same stability and consistency we promise you.


We use a web-based software program called Farmigo to help manage the financial transactions. Through Farmigo, Western Daughters Meat Club subscribers set up and have online access to their own accounts. Through their account they can change delivery locations, change their designated subscription, change the frequency of deliveries, add items to their delivery, make payments, and change payment methods.

Payment Options

There are three different ways that customers can pay for their subscriptions.

  • Customers can pay up front for a designated number of deliveries: With this payment method customers choose either the 3, 6, or 12 delivery option. To incentivize you, because who doesn’t love an incentive, we have discounted each tier because we appreciate your pre-payment. When you subscribe for 3 deliveries, you get 3% off, 6 deliveries – 5% off, 12 deliveries – 10% off!
  • Customers can pay into an “account”: With this method each customer has an “account” that they pay into. Once the account goes below what the total of your order is, a designated payment amount of $250, $500, or $1000 is automatically paid to bring the account back to having an adequate balance to cover orders. We appreciate your pre-payment and so as another incentive, we add a little extra on the top of each pre-payment tier. If you auto-pay $250 we will credit your account $260 each time, if you auto-pay $500 we will credit your account $530 each time, and if you auto-pay $1000 we will credit your account $1075 each time.
  • Customers can pay for each delivery on the day it is delivered: With this method customers credit/debit card or bank account is debited in the amount of each delivery on the day of delivery. This option is only available for automatic recurring payment methods.

Autopay Option

We encourage all of our customers to sign up for automatic payment option that will pay your account in a timely fashion so you never miss a delivery. You will receive an email before any charges are made.

Manual Payment

If you prefer to pay manually we will have this option available as well. We will email you the day before your payment is due so that you can ensure that you receive your delivery.


For the purposes of our meat club Western Daughters will communicate entirely by email. By agreeing to join our meat club you are agreeing to open and read all emails sent to you from us including:

  • Payment Due: All billing issues regarding your account including start, suspension, and payment due will be emailed to you.
  • Account update: Any changes, updates, or adjustments to your account, order, delivery, etc.

Suspension of Service

Your subscription will be suspended if you do not have enough money in your account to cover the cost of your delivery. We will email you when your account reaches this point but if we do not receive payment by the end of the day on Sunday before your delivery then your delivery for that week will be cancelled. You can resume your delivery for any week after by simply logging into your Farmigo account, completing a payment, and choosing a new delivery date.

If you are going on vacation and want to suspend your account just log in to your Farmigo account and let us know by the end of day on Sunday before your scheduled delivery. You can then resume your deliveries when you return by logging on to your Farmigo account and choosing a date to resume.


To cancel your Western Daughters Meat Club subscription please email us at meatclub@westerndaughters.com. Cancellation notices must be made by the Sunday before your next delivery is scheduled.

Pickup Location Etiquette

Please conform to the pickup location hours. Pickup locations that are outside of our shop locations have different hours and we can not guarantee that they will be able to keep your delivery outside of the designated hours.

Please do not look through other people’s bags.  Every bag will be labelled. If your bag is not there, there is probably a reason why. Email us at meatclub@westerndaughters.com if your bag is not at your designated location.

Please return your cooler bag from your previous order. These bags are re-usable and intended to be exchanged for a new bag each time that you pick up. If you do not exchange your bag when you pick up your next delivery we reserve the right to charge you a bag fee.

Due to the nature of being a whole animal shop, we sometimes run out of certain cuts. If this happens to be the case and affects the contents of your order, we reserve the right to sub out a similar cut of equal or greater value.

Weights and average price per pound may vary

There are no returns or exchanges, once you verify the contents of your bag and take it home, you have agreed to complete the transaction.

We welcome your feedback. If you are unhappy with your subscription we want you to let us know. Please email us at meatclub@westerndaughters.com with any issues, questions, thoughts, etc.